The Gospel of Christ

Well, I’m back! I’ve been home for about 8 weeks now and it’s unreal. And to answer the common questions; YES, I do miss South Carolina, it gets way hot and cold there, it is weird “adjusting” because I never want to adjust, It’s nice being with my family, and hopefully one day I’ll go back and visit. Also, I don’t know what I’m studying in school yet.. but if I did I would probably say like Art and Communications.

Since being home, I’ve been trying to figure out how to be a better human, disciple, daughter, sister, etc. Almost like I was going to invent a way to do it best.. The good news is, it’s LITERALLY THE SAME THING I just taught so many other people. It’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s so natural for us to sometimes feel empty, dim, insecure, stressed, lonely, and many other negative feelings, (hopefully not all at the same time eh)  but it’s so so cool because we have such a LOVING Heavenly Father who knows us. Of course he does. He created us! He’s our Father. And because He knows and loves us, He sent his Son to Earth to Atone for us, and provide a way for us to feel HAPPY, full, bright, secure, at peace and loved. (The Gospel is the way fyi)

I’ve always tried to live the Gospel, (Having Faith in Christ, Repenting, making and KEEPING covenants, taking the Sacrament, keeping the commandments, etc.) but this week I really tested things out. For the first time since being home I felt some of the same “empty” feelings I felt before my mission that led me to go on a mission. But this time, rather than spending MORE time on my phone, or making art, or trying to find something to suppress the feeling like I would have before, I turned to the Book of Mormon and prayer. I told Heavenly Father how I was feeling, and how I didn’t want to feel it, or turn to the wrong things. Then I opened up my book and started to read about the good old sons of Mosiah. [check the chapters out.. Alma 14-17] THE GOSPEL IS REAL Y’ALL. I’ve known it, I’ve lived it, I’ve loved it.. but I know it and live it and love it even more this week. Studying and praying and living the way the Savior taught “fills” us. It makes us whole. I don’t know how it fills us.. but I feel filled. And it helps us come to know our Savior.  I LOVE THIS QUOTE;

The most important thing we can do—young or old—is develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If we do, we will always be comfortable with ourselves. Any questions of self-esteem and self-worth will diminish, and we will have a quiet confidence that will see us through any trial. And the Savior’s promise to us is “Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world” (D&C 50:41).

Those are things everyone struggles with today, and they can be overcome with gaining a relationship with the One who loves us most. How #blessed are we huh? I seriously believe, with my whole being, that coming to know the Savior IS the most important thing. More important than school, family, (because it’s what holds a family together) trends, personal wants or desires, friends, Instagram, Kit Kats, real cats, and iPhones. It’s the most important thing to everyone. Not just Mormons, or Christians. It’s for everyone. So try it. Find out for yourself already. Don’t hate on what ya don’t know.

Know it, live it, and come to love it for yourself.
Happy Wednesday



Conference Weekend

This week has been amazing because we’ve had so many things. Meetings non stop then general conference. Need I say more? Amazing. There were so many talks that I thought wow, that answered every question and doubt I’ve EVER had. Then there were many where I thought – wow, this is exactly for my family. I don’t even know what else to say because those men are inspired. President Monson talked about one of my favorite things he’s said in his past talks, “shall I falter or shall I finish” Plus in his book he tells the whole story about finishing and compares it to our Savior on the cross saying he’s finished the work. Just feel free in every letter to add stuff from conference talks or full talks.. i love it!!
President Holm told us to write down soul searching questions before conference and they would be answered… guess what.. they were alllll answered. one was almost word for word answered.
I asked, how do I access the Atonement? How do I give my burdens and sorrows to the Lord? It just FEELS SO far away. The Atonement has felt like a word, not a reality. Russell M Neilson said “to access the atonement, keep the commandments eagerly, willingly and exactly” welp. They’re inspired!
Also I went on exchanges this week. It was so fun! I’m really starting to become myself out here and it feels good. I hope I’m doing exactly what the Lord wants. A lot of the sisters are perfect in following the way the pamphlets are set up, etc. They are “well versed” and I’m sooo not that way. I can’t ever remember scriptures. But this week I REALLY learned to follow the spirit, and discern how individuals are feeling. Sometimes I take it too dramatic where I’m not bold enough because I stay so calm. But I connect with people well and I think that’s one of my strengths. But that’s one of the only ones haha. Twice this week I literally cried because these people won’t except the message! Bible belt was not a joke. There is a scripture in the BOM that says something like just by saying Lord! Lord! won’t get you into the Kingdom of Heaven. And that’s what everyone here thinks. All grace. “As long as we all believe in Christ then we’ll get there right darlin’?” And I awkwardly agree and then let my companion say “BUT we have to do our part” haha. They think we worship “John Smith” and when we try to tell them differently they cut us off and say stuff like “we don’t need that Joseph, we go straight to the source!” And I say boldly, “We don’t pray to Joseph Smith” and they say “I know honey, I know honey, but I just go straight to the source.”
SO frustrating. I just cry because they have SO MUCH faith but they think the Lord doesn’t expect anything from us. Also yeah mom I sang at our LTM meeting. Hahahaha all my roommates sang and my companion played piano. They are all pro singers. My voice was going crazy shaking. I was so embarrassed. 
We’re going to the Zoo today. It’s a rainy day so we def won’t see any animals but we get to wear our cute rain coats and go out on the town so that’s fun. I’m rambling. We had a tri ward party and they gave us left over food.. FIVE CHICKENS. I’m getting so chubby and I care.. but I also kind of don’t because going non stop makes me starving. My companion packs me snacks to surprise me with always hahaha.
We haven’t taught too much this week due to meetings. We’ve seen a lot of less actives which is so fun. They all are attending church and activities. They just needed a little push and they’re all women so it’s so inspired they sent sister missionaries to this area. I never want to leave here! There are SO many less actives here. it’s crazy especially because the ward is awesome at missionary work so we’re trying to figure out how to help them stay active. Also! Our district hit our baptismal goals the last two months so we get to go hang out with President and Sister holm for 4 hours on Wednesday. Okay that’s all the information I can think of. Send me your favorite talks everyone! Even the kids. I can’t wait to hear it.
I love you guys. Thanks for your support. I pray for y’all every single day!
Sister Glauser the second

A Few Journal Entries…

(Just to clarify, I’ve left out names from Lexi’s letters for privacy reasons. Below are a couple pictures, one with Lex & her comp and the other with Lex in front of the Library that she goes to, to email the family. Hopefully more pictures coming soon, she’s sent them, I just need to get them posted!)

September 12th

6:30 am’s are still so crazy. Feels like I never slept. I’m so thankful I have a guilty conscience or I would never be able to get up! I eat cereal and pb & j’s everyday and workout and I’m sure I’m getting chubby.. so that’s so unfortunate. Yesterday while reading about the Atonement in Preach my Gospel I just started crying. I’m more fully understanding how I’m so not worthy of His Atonement because I’m not using it like I should be. During personal study I studied about faith/obedience/character. Ether 12 is amazing.

Today we drove to see a LA (less active) who wasn’t home and we read a talk called, the parable of the push-ups and donuts. I cried. I’m super sensitive to the Atonement.

Later on I may of witnessed a miracle. We walked up to a house that has gates/dogs barking at us so I said, “Should we just leave a card?” And we started to walk away and my companion said, “I think we should.” So we went back and knocked and a woman let us in. We prayed and immediately starting talking about the Book of Mormon. Her 9 year old love it, she couldn’t wait to read the book. Her 12 year old was pretty interested too, just quiet. They said they would come to church!! And read the Book of Mormon AND pray about it. We have a return appointment for Saturday and I can’t wait to tell them more. I shared my testimony and it we could all feel the spirit. It was such a miracle. They listened so intensely and were so kind. In the prayer the woman ended with, “Thank you for sending these girls to share more of Thy word.” WHAT! Literally a miracle.

Plus we visited a former investigator. He tried to hug my companion and she kept her arms folded while he hugged her ha ha! She looked SO awkward. We laughed so hard after. Plus he loved my 60s style dress and told me I needed a belt on my waist to make it more 60s. “A big white belt with a nice white buckle.” He literally touched my belly button twice to tell me. LOLZ.

September 14th

Today feels like a good day. I can see Heavenly Father blessing me with strength everyday. I’M SO GRATEFUL FOR MY COMPANION. She is so sweet. She compliments me non stop, in a genuine way. She compliments my testimony, physical features, clothes, teaching, like everything. I obviously compliment her but it becomes like an awkward war. Ha ha.

2 Timothy is amazing. I studied it all during personal study. I think Paul wrote some of those verses only for me. (AKA every missionary in the world.)

So we met with that woman from the day before, her two girls, and her husband, this morning. We taught most the Restoration and showed them the Restoration video. The spirit was so strong. There is no way they didn’t feel it. Hopefully they come to church tomorrow. They already seem like Mormons.

Saw another miracle with another family. Everything the Mom described, her wants/values is everything you find in the church. She committed to church, prayer and reading. And will think about baptism. Heavenly Father really did need sisters in this area. I know boys couldn’t touch these certain people. I just feel so blessed to see these miracles. The gospel literally changes these peoples lives just by sharing the Restoration video. It’s amazing.

September 16th

Our one investigator came to church!! He loved it. He was complaining to us about tithing at other churches and the teacher cut him off to start class. AND THE CLASS WAS ON TITHING!!! Hahaha. We couldn’t believe it. He took it really well. He loved church!


Love everyone, xoxo

First P-Day

Family and Friends,

I can’t believe this is my first time really having a P-day. I hope I can figure out how to attach photos, etc. I feel so loved. I know Heavenly Father loves me because of all the letters I have received. First off, I’m so glad everyone is doing good! I can’t believe Keesh is in having her baby today!! Tell them I love them and I’m so happy for them and they’re in my prayers. Can’t wait to see pictures!

Also I can’t wait any longer to say THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE LETTERS. Dear Elder is messed up so I was getting Dear Elders from the 26th, 27th and 28th last night, but please continue to send them until Saturday. We don’t get mail Sunday and I leave at 3:30 AM monday! Your letters were answers to my prayers. I know that all of you got revelation in what to say to me. I get nervous because everyone says “You won’t be an awesome missionary until you finally forget home and get goin.” Uhhh Is it bad I don’t want that to happen? I feel my best when I get all of your letters. I have like no time to respond, but it’s what makes me the most happy. Is that bad?

Also my district is amazing. All of us clicked so fast. There are 6 elders going to New Jersey and all of the 6 sisters are going to SC. I actually didn’t know any of my district from Facebook! One of the girls knew me from it and said I was the hilarious one, so that’s great. The ones from facebook are roomed right next to me and they’re great. I’m excited to be companions with all those girls! I roomed with 6 randoms, but most left. Now it’s me, sister Bird  and two other girls waiting for clearance to go! (Bummer) Lolz.

Also my regular day is 6:30 am and 10:30 at night. I do great waking up on time! Going to bed is getting harder and harder, but I’m working on it. Then we have class for 6 hours a day, and personal and comp study for like 2-3 hours a day, and a million other things I can’t even think about right now. We teach fake investigators and I’m awful at it. I think I’ll do better when it’s real. It’s really hard to do it when I know they are fake. Let’s hope anyways or else I’ll be a terrible missionary! Haha.

Hmm, I have so much anxiety due to the fact I have no time.. but I’m doing better and I can’t wait to see the  Holmes Monday morning! I’ll start crying right when I see them. So that will be the worst!

I love you guys so much. Thank you for the letters. I wish I could tell each of you individually how much they helped me. Thank you all or being great examples of being in tune with the spirit and being so service oriented.

Also the Elders in my district are amazing. The Elders all wrote me a letter because one day they saw me crying after a devotional. They all said the nicest things and are all spiritual. It’s the coolest thing to watch Elders grow. Heavenly Father put us in a district for a reason and now I know why. I also got a blessing from one. I was so embarrassed to ask. It was his first one and he said things in it that I needed to hear and I know Heavenly Father told him to say it.

Also, the MTC food is the worst. Literally I’d rather be shot in the face than eat this stupid food (lolz @ Baby Mama references.. is that allowed?) The first 6 days I was really sick and I had about 3 bites of food everyday. Now that I feel better I can eat.. and I want to eat! It’s just unfortunate it tastes really really nasty. but I usually find something that’s pretty good!

Thank you for your prayers. You’re all in mine. I love you guys so much and I’m so thankful for how much support and love I feel from you all.

Love you guys!!


Sister Glauser the Second

First Letter Home!

(Just so you know, this is Lexi’s older sister, Miki, that is now posting for her! You’ll find all her recent news here, as well as pictures when she sends them. We got our first letter from her in the MTC, here are a few things she had to say about it…)

I LOVE IT HERE. This is just unreal that I’m at the MTC. We were told we don’t know when our P-day is so to write a handwritten letter. My district is awesome. My comp. is awesome. I’m just so happy. I think the saddest part is me not being able to let you guys know I’m doing great! Tonight we get our zone leaders and start learning how to teach.

I feel the spirit here. Everyone is so nice and it’s not weird to be spiritual here. Plus, we always sing and pray (obviously) but it just makes things better. I love that we kneel to pray and we sang “Bring the World His Truth” and instead of saying, “We will be the Lord’s missionaries,” we sang, “We are NOW the Lord’s missionaries.” Look up all the lyrics and make them present tense and that’s how we sang it. Powerful. That’s the only time I’ve cried here.

I love you all so much. I can’t wait to get to the field. I’ll write again soon! Just wanted to say I’m okay! Christ is real. The spirit is so strong here, I love it.


You’re in my prayers!

Love, Sister Glauser (the second)