More things I’ve learned since I “grew up.”

First off, I want to make clear I’m just testing out the waters of this WordPress thing. I’ve tried to keep a blog of my college experience for my family, friends, and especially myself. In the last couple months blogger won’t let me post photos.. So here I am again on a new website, continuing on with my public journal.

{I also better mention this is a judge free zone. AKA you can judge me if you want, but I don’t care if I have grammar or spelling mistakes.}

-And a side note, I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the awkward roommate picture at the top. I was practicing adding pictures and now it’s here to stay. We’re not dating. We like strong boyz.

As a 20 year old, homebody, art major, trying to figure out how to be a homemaker, I just thought I’d keep track of all the things I’m learning. If you want to catch the first list of things I’ve learned since being at college click here.

  • Baking soda down the drain gets rid of the nasty smell your dishes you left in the sink for 5 days make.
  • Hosting Christmas parties leave you hung over for days on end. The LDS kind of hung over. Kind of like, “Wow I smiled and introduced myself to so many people I don’t think I can ever walk again.”
  • Everywhere you go, people will make loud chewing, swallowing, breathing, or being alive noises. You just got to accept it. Or bring head phones because for real, those noises are out of control.
  • Mistletoe over the photo booth gets real freaky. 
  • Sometimes you just got to realize the golden rule, “treat others as you want to be treated” doesn’t exactly mean people will treat you that way back. 
  • Math at 8:00 AM is fine. But don’t’ ever do it again.
  • When the weather is in the negatives, you can literally feel your nose freezing when you breath. 
  • It doesn’t matter who the bald, short man is.. when he says, “inconceivable” it’s hilarious. 
  • 4 handfuls of chocolate chips do not count as a meal.
  • Crockpots rule. 
  • The dryer will smell like fire if you don’t clean out the lint part. Which is actually pretty fascinating. 
  • You can’t leave a rag in the sink for even 2 days if it was used wiped up milk. You’ll regret it if you do. 
  • Put your car in park before you try to shut it off. Not just the emergency break. 
  • When trying to clear break outs, be sure to buy the COLD PRESSED castor oil. The other kind isn’t exactly made to put on your face. (It’s a laxative) ((and don’t worry, I didn’t put it on my face.. I just realized the difference after I already bought it and brought it home))
  • Sometimes answers don’t come in black and white. This is where the primary lessons on faith start to apply.
  • A lot of times blogs seem really true and have good advice. But let’s be real, often times it’s a 18 year old telling us her wisdom. AKA, if she’s telling you how to live in your twenties and it says things like “Dress age-appropriate, wear the slutty dress” or “Being nice is overrated. In fact, nice is the least interesting thing someone can say about you” Maybe consider other blog options. 
  • Speaking of slutty dresses… If you live anywhere from Cedar and North, maybe try tights and a “trendy” jacket to go with your very small dress.
  • Snow is not an excuse to miss class. Although, it should be.
  • When distant friends (or really close family members) say things like, “You might just be alone forever!” Take a step back and ask yourself, am I 19? (yes) Am I ready to be married? (no) Then forget the harassment and go get a milkshake. 
  • When it’s your 4th semester of college and you’re dad is still making jokes about you not really leaving home, that means he misses you even more and wishes you were home permanently. Most likely. 
  • If you invite church members to your Christmas parties, you may end up getting a new calling. Be prepared. 
  • If you’re in a ornery mood walking home from your 8:00 AM class in negative degree weather, stop and ask the foreign kid if he needs help. Nothing takes your mind off of your stupid schedule like service does. 
  • Don’t wait to buy a space heater the day it’s -17 degrees. Everyone else did the same thing. 
  • Replacements are never as good as the real thing. For example, yellow koala bear phone cases are freaky. Blue ones are adorable.
  • Before you decide to believe in something, learn about it. So like, how do you guys feel about guns?
  • In some classes you might throw out “dumb ideas” just to get a grade. Maybe consider putting effort into it because they might just want to pay you for going through with your “dumb idea” that was pretty original. I mean, trying your best isn’t that hard right?
  • Being trendy isn’t as fun as figuring out what you love, like, and dislike. Trendy doesn’t last as long either.
  • If you don’t understand what the devil your math teacher is talking about, chances are the person next to you doesn’t either. You’ve both just been pretending you understand.
  • If you can’t change it.. don’t complain. “Attitude, by Charles Swindoll…..”
  • For reals, chocolate chips don’t count as a meal. Stop eating them.
  • Institute and institute teachers are inspired by Heavenly Father. If you haven’t learned that, I recommend learning it.
  • Going to sleep by 11:30 is a fabulous idea. Even for the creative mind.
  • Waking up with dark circles under your eyes even after 8 hours of sleep just happens I guess.
  • Get over the fact you might be invisible sometimes. If a guy says, “I know you!” and you say, “I’m in your ward!” and his friend says, “…you are??” Just laugh and hope that conversation doesn’t happen again.

Last, but not least:

  • Always wear your mittens.

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