20’s Getting The Best of Me

I’ve started three different posts now about me being 20. I thought I wanted to make a recap of my long life but let’s be real, the best thing that’s happened to me is being born. I tell you what.. that was a life changing experience. PRITTY incredible.

{Not to mention seeing the Killers perform live. Like, it was alight.}

No for real, these 20 years have flown by. I’m tired all the time now and I want to read more. If this is what twenty means I’m not sure I’m into that yet. So this is me announcing that I am officially 19 and will turn 20, February 19th, 2014.

I can’t get serious right now because I’m so tired. But mostly I want to just say thank you to the thoughtful people in my life. I’m so blessed to have such loving people in my life. And that’s the real deal.. not even me being sarcastic.

My family let’s me celebrate my birthday for a whole weekend. I guess in my family that’s not really unusual. They all try to act like I’m the only one who does it but I know I’m not the only one. And if I am.. sry ’bout it. Everyone should try it.

In all seriousness, I’m very grateful to be where I am today. I think I’m the type of person that has a really hard time with letting go of past memories, past friendships, past everything and anything that was good in my life. As I get older it really gives me anxiety that I get father and farther away from happy memories in my life. But man, 20 is cool. I have some rad friends, and even better memories than I ever expected I would have as a college student and I’m studying art. Not to mention I’ve grown SO MUCH just in the past year. Year 19 was a real good one for me and I’m stoked to have made it 20. Bring it on, ya know? And bring on year 20’s new bucket list full of adventures.

Photo Feb 19, 8 15 40 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 57 23 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 57 17 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 57 01 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 56 46 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 56 24 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 54 52 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 54 41 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 54 32 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 54 19 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 53 58 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 52 45 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 53 22 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 53 40 PM Photo Feb 19, 4 53 46 PM

IMG_6112 IMG_6113 IMG_6114 IMG_6115

sry I’m so athletic too. If you can’t tell.. those are just a few examples of how athletic I am. ^ It turns out giant camera bags make a girl athletic. Thanks mom and dad for not only supplying a way for me to keep my camera gear together, but also for making me a new, athletic woman. Girl. Kid.

IMG_6105 IMG_6109

IMG_6111 Photo Feb 16, 12 05 21 PM Photo Feb 19, 3 36 59 PM

I’m so grateful for everyone who celebrated with me! By celebrated I mean ate a lot of food with me and text me and stuff. It definitely means the world to me! Thanks! U guys R gr8.



I think I like who I am becoming.

I think it’s almost been three years that I’ve struggled with who I am and what I want to do with my life. Especially starting college and even halfway into my second year I’ve been struggling with it. I guess you could say one of my biggest flaws would be intensely judging where I’m at in my life, and worrying what my future will be like. (probably the same for a lot of college students.) I think that everyone else in the world has believed in me more than myself which makes absolutely NO sense! Recently I’ve had so many inspiring moments that I now know that I’m okay, and things will be okay. 

Today in institute we began to talk about President Uchtdorf’s talk, “Of Regrets and Resolutions.” Our teacher had us list 3-4 things that we would fight for, even if it meant we had to die for. After going around the room, it was obvious everyone had written things that were eternal priorities. Most everyone wrote things similar to the list: 1. Family/friends 2. Testimony of the gospel 3. Agency.

Before even allowing us to start reading the talk, our teacher promised us that as long as lesser priorities stay less than those top 3 or 4 priorities, we will have no regrets.

If only I could quote the same words he used, because it was so profound and hit me so hard. I wouldn’t say I’m the type to cry in institute (I know, that’s a huge surprise) but this lesson just reallllly was meant for me. How amazing is that promise? It’s so simple!

If I keep those 3 priorities my most important things, I will have no regrets, and I will have no reason to worry about my future.

I’m so grateful for spiritual Sundays that make my week so amazing. I’m grateful for inspired institute teachers. I don’t think he knows how much impact his lessons have on my life personally, but I’m thankful my teacher is in tune with the spirit enough to teach just what I need every week.

Happy Monday!