The Best Day of My 20 Year Old Life

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(Missing Ky and Jen in the pictures because they had to run, but the whole fam was there!)

Today was the literal B E S T day of my life. I had the opportunity to go through the temple with my entire family and it was amazing, to say the very least. I remember growing up thinking that yeah, I always wanted to get married in the temple and nothing less.. but that’s all it really was for me. Nothing deeper. I had absolutely no idea, even after studying, how important the temple is and how much it changed my life just for being inside for a short time.

I’m so so excited to “teach the nations of the world” about the true happiness they can find inside.

I know, without one doubt that this is the only true, restored church on the Earth. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained throughout my small 20 years because it’s made the difference in my happiness, perspective, and strength. I’m grateful my parents, and all 4 siblings taught me by example how important the gospel is, and to center my life around it.

I know that I’m being sent to South Carolina for so many reasons, and I can’t wait to be a servant of the Lord and find those reasons. I’m still so nervous, but I continue to feel strengthened every single day from friends, family, and most importantly Heavenly Father.

I know Heavenly Father sent me certain friends to be my angels because my testimony has grown from all of theirs. Of course, that goes for my family too. Elder Holland said,

when we speak of those who are instruments in the hand of God, we are reminded that not all angels are from the other side of the veil. Some of them we walk with and talk with—here, now, every day. Some of them reside in our own neighborhoods. Some of them gave birth to us, and in my case, one of them consented to marry me. Indeed heaven never seems closer than when we see the love of God manifested in the kindness and devotion of people so good and so pure that angelicis the only word that comes to mind.

So many of the people in my life can only be described as angelic because of the influence they have made in my life. Those influences led me to prepare to serve a mission in South Carolina, as well as go through the temple without an overwhelming feeling and a peaceful one instead. I’m forever grateful to those people.

I know this church is true. It is. And I love it. I can’t wait to help others come to love it as well.


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