I had a farewell

I’m so thankful for everyone who came to support me. I could feel the spirit all morning through church, and it was just as great afterwards at our house. I’m so thankful for such an amazing family, and for friends who support me in everything I do. Love you guys!

1Y3A1222 1Y3A1223 1Y3A1225 1Y3A1231 1Y3A1234 1Y3A1238 1Y3A1240 1Y3A1241 1Y3A1245 1Y3A1246 1Y3A1247 1Y3A1249 1Y3A1250 1Y3A1251 1Y3A1252 1Y3A1253 1Y3A1255 1Y3A1256 1Y3A1264 1Y3A1266 1Y3A1270 1Y3A1273 1Y3A1275 1Y3A1276 1Y3A1297 1Y3A1301 1Y3A1302 1Y3A1307 1Y3A1309 1Y3A1311 1Y3A1312 1Y3A1315 1Y3A1316 1Y3A1318 1Y3A1324 1Y3A1331 1Y3A1336 1Y3A1339 1Y3A1342 1Y3A1349 1Y3A1355 1Y3A1357 1Y3A1367 1Y3A1372 1Y3A1375 1Y3A1376 1Y3A1377 1Y3A1378


-Lexi Glauser


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