A Few Journal Entries…

(Just to clarify, I’ve left out names from Lexi’s letters for privacy reasons. Below are a couple pictures, one with Lex & her comp and the other with Lex in front of the Library that she goes to, to email the family. Hopefully more pictures coming soon, she’s sent them, I just need to get them posted!)

September 12th

6:30 am’s are still so crazy. Feels like I never slept. I’m so thankful I have a guilty conscience or I would never be able to get up! I eat cereal and pb & j’s everyday and workout and I’m sure I’m getting chubby.. so that’s so unfortunate. Yesterday while reading about the Atonement in Preach my Gospel I just started crying. I’m more fully understanding how I’m so not worthy of His Atonement because I’m not using it like I should be. During personal study I studied about faith/obedience/character. Ether 12 is amazing.

Today we drove to see a LA (less active) who wasn’t home and we read a talk called, the parable of the push-ups and donuts. I cried. I’m super sensitive to the Atonement.

Later on I may of witnessed a miracle. We walked up to a house that has gates/dogs barking at us so I said, “Should we just leave a card?” And we started to walk away and my companion said, “I think we should.” So we went back and knocked and a woman let us in. We prayed and immediately starting talking about the Book of Mormon. Her 9 year old love it, she couldn’t wait to read the book. Her 12 year old was pretty interested too, just quiet. They said they would come to church!! And read the Book of Mormon AND pray about it. We have a return appointment for Saturday and I can’t wait to tell them more. I shared my testimony and it we could all feel the spirit. It was such a miracle. They listened so intensely and were so kind. In the prayer the woman ended with, “Thank you for sending these girls to share more of Thy word.” WHAT! Literally a miracle.

Plus we visited a former investigator. He tried to hug my companion and she kept her arms folded while he hugged her ha ha! She looked SO awkward. We laughed so hard after. Plus he loved my 60s style dress and told me I needed a belt on my waist to make it more 60s. “A big white belt with a nice white buckle.” He literally touched my belly button twice to tell me. LOLZ.

September 14th

Today feels like a good day. I can see Heavenly Father blessing me with strength everyday. I’M SO GRATEFUL FOR MY COMPANION. She is so sweet. She compliments me non stop, in a genuine way. She compliments my testimony, physical features, clothes, teaching, like everything. I obviously compliment her but it becomes like an awkward war. Ha ha.

2 Timothy is amazing. I studied it all during personal study. I think Paul wrote some of those verses only for me. (AKA every missionary in the world.)

So we met with that woman from the day before, her two girls, and her husband, this morning. We taught most the Restoration and showed them the Restoration video. The spirit was so strong. There is no way they didn’t feel it. Hopefully they come to church tomorrow. They already seem like Mormons.

Saw another miracle with another family. Everything the Mom described, her wants/values is everything you find in the church. She committed to church, prayer and reading. And will think about baptism. Heavenly Father really did need sisters in this area. I know boys couldn’t touch these certain people. I just feel so blessed to see these miracles. The gospel literally changes these peoples lives just by sharing the Restoration video. It’s amazing.

September 16th

Our one investigator came to church!! He loved it. He was complaining to us about tithing at other churches and the teacher cut him off to start class. AND THE CLASS WAS ON TITHING!!! Hahaha. We couldn’t believe it. He took it really well. He loved church!


Love everyone, xoxo